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Awards decided by a combination of online fan votes and panel:

• Best Major Festival
• Best Medium-Sized Festival
• Best Small Festival
• Best Metropolitan Festival
• Best New Festival
• Best Overseas Festival
• The Grassroots Festival Award

To determine the shortlist for these awards, fans vote online for their favourite festival. These shortlists then go to our panel, who will collectively determine the winner. The public vote results are incorporated into the final judging process and have the same weighting as a single judge’s vote.

Awards decided by a festival industry panel:

• Agency of the Year
• The Innovation Award
• Best Festival Production
• Best Family Festival
• Concession of the Year
• The Brand Activation Award
• Promoter of the Year
• Best Festival for Emerging Talent
• Best Hospitality
• Line-Up of the Year
• Best Non-Music Festival
• Marketing Campaign of the Year
• The Greener Festival Award

For these more specialised categories, we assemble panels of 20 industry judges who read and pre-score all entry forms, considering any supporting materials submitted. Judges give a score for each award application, which is then combined to give an overall score for each entry. All judges’ pre-scores will then be combined and the highest scoring entries to determine the shortlists.

For all awards, scoring is conducted online without any reference to other scorers and based solely on the submission of the entrant. This ensures that the scores are unbiased and judges are not swayed by the opinions of other panel members. Judges are also asked to absent themselves from any discussions where they have a vested interest.

Shortlists will be announced via email and our website on Tuesday November 6th 2018. Panel judges then collectively determine the winner, which will be announced at the UK Festival Awards evening on Thursday December 6th 2018.