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How are the award winners decided?

The majority of the Festival Awards are voted for by the general public through our online platform. Voters can choose to be entered into our prize draw to be in with a chance of winning two tickets to every winning festival for the following year.

The remaining Awards are decided by panels of renowned and well-travelled journalists, booking agents and other industry experts.

In order to create a level playing field for events, no matter what their capacity, voting is weighted based on capacity and the number of tickets sold.

For more detail, see: How the award winners are decided

Why take part?

Apart from the chance to win a prestigious and internationally recognised award, it’s a great opportunity to maintain a conversation with your audience, by engaging with them using social media throughout the voting process – in the normally quiet autumn/winter months.

Of course, if your event wins an Award, the fact it’s been given the stamp of approval by festival-goers is something you’ll be able to use on all future marketing. Previous winners have experienced other benefits, from increased revenues through merchandise, tickets and sponsorships, to a higher profile with artists, booking agents and other festival fans.

Whether your festival needs this or not, it’s still an accolade to be extremely proud of.

Why attend the event?

The Festival Awards events are a unique opportunity for people working in and with the festival industry to get together to create effective business relationships, forge friendships and collectively come up with solutions to commonly-experienced issues.

This makes the industry stronger as a whole, and better for everyone.

What happens to the data you collect about my event?

The information you provide us is used so we can communicate with you about the progress of your nomination, to give you information about the Awards and Conference. It is also used so we can weight voting, meaning there is a level playing field for all events, no matter what their capacity.

We do not pass on your information to anyone outside Festival Awards Ltd.

What happens to the data you collect from voters?

We collect email addresses and social media data from voters so we can communicate with them about the voting process and send them news about Festival Awards.

We do not share that information with anyone without their permission.