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Please complete the following form if you are a festival producer wishing to put forward your event for consideration in this year’s UK Festival Awards.

IMPORTANT! Please read the following carefully before entering.

  • Only applications made by the official organisation that manages the event will be considered.
  • The majority of award winners will be decided via public vote.
  • Overseas events are welcome to complete the same form, and will be automatically assigned to the Best Overseas Festival category.
  • Upon entering, UK events will automatically be put forward for the Best Major, Medium-Sized or Small Festival awards according to their stated daily capacity.

Confidentiality is important to us. Festival Awards Ltd will not share any of the information on this form with anyone.

To apply for inclusion in any of the following specialist categories, please complete the respective standalone form in addition to this one:

The Promoter of the Year Award
For event producers that achieved something exceptional in 2015.

The Extra-Festival Activity Award
For the most original piece of auxiliary festival entertainment.

The Best Use of New Technology Award
Commending the most effective implementation of new tools available to the industry.

The Brand Activation Award
Celebrating this year’s most creative and well-executed sponsor activity.

The Best Hospitality Award
For festivals that incorporate extravagant and appealing extras in a way that doesn’t devalue the experience for regular ticketholders.

The Non Music Festival Award
For festivals whose programming primarily focuses on mediums, activities or offerings other than music (film, sport, food & drink, videogames etc.)

The Best Festival for Emerging Talent Award
For festivals that actively and effectively use their platform to support unknown artists, helping them to connect with and grow their audience.

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